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Food & Dining in Haiti


The French cuisine is good and the Creole specialities combine French, tropical and African influences. French wine is available in the better restaurants.

Dining is really a very important activity in Haiti and it gives you a chance to try out various kinds of scrumptious delicacies, be it local or cuisine from other parts of the world. Restaurants in the bigger cities provide safe and delicious meals, and precautions are taken with the food and water to keep things safe.

Haitian rum is well-known, and Barbancourt 5 Star is a top drawer drink. Clairin is the local “firewater” made from sugar cane that can be bought on the street, often flavoured with various herbs that can be seen stuffed into the bottle. Prestige is the most popular beer, and is of good quality and excellent taste. Also be sure to try the 'papye' drink, a sort of papaya milk shake that is deliciously refreshing beyond words on a hot day. 'Cremas' is a tasty, creamy alcoholic beverage that is derived from coconut milk.


There are a number of good restaurants in the area. Excellent French cuisine can be had at the pricier establishments. The larger hotels have dining rooms that feature special buffets, Sunday brunches, and an occasional show.

Eating out in Port-au-Prince is surprisingly expensive. Even at modest restaurants a full plate of food will usually cost around 200 gourdes. A good amount of food from street vendors will even cost up to 100 gourdes.

Foodies, near the National Palace, is a clean fast food joint serving hamburgers and fries. Expect to spend about 120 gourdes for a cheeseburger, fries, and drink.

Pizza Garden is one of the best pizzerias in the whole city, although it is hard to find if you do not know its location. There is "Old" Pizza Garden and "New" Pizza Garden, the latter being as a result of a split in co-owners. The décor is typical of a Haitian café, with handcrafted tables and lamps.

La Souvenance (48 Rue Geffrard) is one of the best restaurants in Port-au-Prince, which serves French cuisine, some of it with a Creole twist.





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